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Designing The Sharp Project brochure by Dan Walsh

I recently completed my largest project to date, The Sharp Project‘s new brochure.

I was tasked with this project near the end of August, and it came off the press last week.

I really enjoyed working on such an important and comprehensive piece of work, although it was quite daunting to begin with, especially in the profiling and planning stages as I realised how much information we had to convey.

tsp-bro-blogI found it to be a steep learning curve, where I was challenged with using Adobe InDesign [for the first time doing anything more complex than flyers]. Working with Malcolm Garrett [] was incredibly useful and insightful and definitely gave me more of an idea of the precision and detail required of industry-standard graphic design.


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Manchester School of Art Brochure

We picked up a brochure for the new Manchester School of Art [MMU] at their launch, and were very impressed with their approach. The design is very minimalist, however there’s a twist; as it can be started from either end –  one side dedicated to the history of the institution and the other to the launch of the new building [represented by powerful images alone, except for a brief foreword and introduction].It also harnesses the use of textures and embossing as important mediums in physical [rather than digital/on-screen] graphic design. I think its always a good idea to look into other pieces of work as it helps inspire and spark ideas.

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LeanConf at The Sharp Project

LeanConf 2013 was a 2-day Lean Start-up, Lean UX and Product conference for entrepreneurs, designers and innovators, attended by over 150 people from across the UK, Europe and the United States.

lean-1It took place at The Sharp Project across October 26th – 27th and the SharpFutures Talent Pool helped in running the event. The SharpFutures team and volunteers were onsite for the event to support the LeanConf staff with managing the event ensuring they had everything they needed in place, as well as posting on the #LeanConf hashtag.

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