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Creative Approach of Presenting a CV

The SharpFutures team and myself love this creative approach of presenting a CV. A Curriculum Vitae is traditionally a piece of paper with the mind numbing name, date, age, experience etc. If you are applying for a position in the creative digital sector then there is a high chance the Managing Director or whoever is handed your CV will have a creative flare themselves, therefore it wont hurt for you show your creativity from step one. We recently came across a blog post mentioning a great example of someone using creativity to give themselves the unique selling point and competitive edge.



Leah (the woman who created the creative CV), was given the brief to ‘create a piece of persuasive advertising with you as the product’. She then did exactly this in such a creative way it has taken the attention of people across the world, not only the business applied for. Since this creative CV she has had numerous interviews and job offers as a result of adding an interesting twist to the traditional Curriculum Vitae. If you want to see the full blog post you can view it here.

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SharpFutures Creative Digital Experience Day at The Sharp Project

Earlier on this week Dan, our graphic Designer and myself both hosted a workshop to a group of school pupils on Social Media Marketing and the term ‘Viral’.

The workshop lasted for 30 minutes and during that time we had to explain what Social Media is and how it can be utilised as a tool for Marketing.
We also gave a quick summary of each of our job roles and how Social Media Exec and a Graphic Designer work closely together to ensure all online presence is visual and meets brand guidelines.

The second half of the workshop was an activity to let the pupils put what they have learned into practice. We split the group into 2 teams to compete against each other at producing the best plan for
a social media strategy in creating a viral campaign. To help the pupils along we gave each team the choice of 4 products, things such as a sports drink of a new games console.
The pupils came up with some great, very unique ideas that could be used integrating social media and product marketing to gain the most coverage of their chosen brand/product.
It was a great experience for myself personally, as I normally the one in the learning seat.

It was a good reflection on my time at SharpFutures and how I have been able to take a set of skills learned and then pass it on to hopefully sway the next generations mindset in what careers
they may look at getting in to in the near future. Judging by feedback and seeing comments across twitter the students seemed to really enjoy being introduced to the creative digital sector,
with it being one of the fastest growing sectors I believe what we achieved from the workshop only contributes to the future growth.


Social Media: The second screen to the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest sporting events of the year, a lot of businesses tap into the fact they know the event will have millions of eyes watching it and therefore splash out the money to ensure their products are being seen by this mass amount of viewers.

More recently a second screen has been added to the Super Bowl, this second screen is social media. Over 24.9 millions tweets were generated in relation to the Super Bowl topping last years figure of 24.1 million. With these kinds of figures all the big brands have realised they need to have a strong presence on not only TV commercials during the event, but an online social presence.

Some of the big names include Budweiser, Audi, Jaguar and Coca-Cola all had a strong TV advert. The Budweiser advert topping the chart received an impressive 23.5 million views but on the back of that also received 317,885 social interactions as they had a strong social campaign running to support the TV advert.

Days after the event, Budwesier are still able to carry on the buzz surrounding their advert through the communication with their audience via social media.

You can view their Twitter profile here and follow them @Budwesier

Below, you can also view the TV ads mentioned