Kerry Parker – Digital Runner Apprentice

My name is Kerry Parker and I am one of the newest Production Runners apprentices based at The Sharp Project. Before this I was a member of the SharpFutures Talent Pool, working on Front of House and across the events and production on site.
During my first week in this apprenticeship I have already worked with ABF Pictures who are one of the tenants that are based at The Sharp Project, who make adverts. I was asked to help with the casting for an advert that they was developing for a client. For this they asked if I would greet people at the reception and take them through to the office where the casting was being held. During the casting I had the opportunity to tell them any ideas that I thought would work in an aspect of the advert. As I am building my experience with different companies, it is all helping me develop my skills and will hopefully get me to where I want to go in the future – a Drama Producer.
During the rest of my first week I worked on Front of House, coordinating and dealing with visitors for some of the companies that are based here. I also got the opportunity to go and meet all the tenants and introduce myself as part of the new team. We also had our inductions and met with our learning provider and began working on out profiles.
I am excited for the next twelve months here as I will learn a lot of new skills and further my development.

Kerry Parker
Digital Runner (Apprentice)